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The Gold Rush

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(1925) dir Chaplin w/Chaplin, Mack Swain [88 min; 35mm]
Chaplin’s comedic masterwork – which charts a prospector’s search for fortune in the Klondike and his discovery of romance – forever cemented the iconic status of Chaplin and his Little Tramp character. Shot partly on location in the Sierra Nevadas and featuring such timeless gags as the dance of the dinner rolls and the meal of boiled shoe leather, THE GOLD RUSH is an indelible work of heartwarming hilarity. – Criterion Collection

“Picture yourself trudging through the frozen Alaskan tundra, alone, in the midst of a storm. Flecks of ice and frost are whipping around your hunched figure, your bowler hat can barely stay on, and your bamboo cane sinks straight into the snow when you lean on it for support… Only Charlie Chaplin could turn this scenario into a comedy, and one of his most endearing ones at that.” Tessa Mediano reviews The Gold Rush for Brattle Film Notes

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