Friday, August 8

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Pretend / Bluu, Last Days of Ibiza (D3B2)

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Day 3, Block 2 (D3B2)

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dir. Jim Ohm [19 min]
A contemporary drama set days before Christmas; Roger is an affluent family man who is out of work and going broke, yet pretends he isn’t. Only his ‘tween’ daughter realizes something is wrong. With her belief waning, she appeals to Santa to help her father, but the outcome is not that of magic.

BLUU, Last Days of Ibiza
dir. Alain Deymier [81 min]
On a stormy day, Nat, an extrovert woman from Paris arrives by boat on Ibiza, following an invitation from her childhood friend Sandra, a young dedicated esoteric. Very quickly, Nat will find herself surrounded by a group of spiritual seekers, shepherded by a charismatic yet sinister leader who will attempt to direct them towards an apocalyptic end. Realizing the true nature of his plans, Nat and Sandra will take matters into their own hands in order to save the island.

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  • Friday, August 8 at 2:10 PM

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