Reviews for the new restoration of William Friedkin’s ‘Sorcerer’

★★★★ “Friedkin’s film maudit shows the director at his most brilliant and original.” –Peter Keough, Boston Globe

“It’s all terrified eyes boiling in stoic-faced men as mud-caked wheels skirt crumbling cliff sides, each shot like something Friedkin had to hack out of the rainforest.” – Alan Scherstuhl, Village Voice

“A wild movie of extraordinary faces and amazing sounds.” –Jason Solomons, The Observer

‘I got fired five times from The Exorcist!’ The Guardian interviews William Friedkin, who looks back on his career and the film he considers his best, 1977’s ‘Sorcerer.’ Read the Interview

New Digital Restoration!

Special Engagement August 8–10

(1977) dir William Friedkin w/Roy Scheider, Francisco Rabal, Amidou, Bruno Cremer [122 min]
William Friedkin’s white-knuckle, high-octane remake of one of the tensest films ever made, Clouzot’s The Wages of Fear, features Roy Scheider as a down-on-his-luck American ex-pat in South America who joins a desperate group of men transporting dangerous explosives across treacherous territory in order to stop an oil refinery fire. SORCERER ups the ante on its predecessor by throwing even more obstacles at its protagonists. For instance, where Clouzot had cliffside, switchback mountain passes, Friedkin adds a crumbling rope bridge across a gorge. And the natural obstructions are just the obvious problems – soon, the emotional toll of the work and the outright cravenness of the team conspire to create some of the most sensational scenes of sustained tension in cinema history. Initially positioned as a summer tentpole, SORCERER was effectively obliterated by the release of Star Wars a month earlier. Now viewable in a gorgeous digital restoration heartily endorsed by Friedkin, the film is being seen in a new light and causing film fans to consider an alternate history where SORCERER and not Star Wars became the blueprint for the blockbusters to come.

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