Saturday, August 9

Special Events ArchiveMassachusetts Independent Film Festival 2014

Armed Defense / One Bedroom / The Yank (D4B2)

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Day 4, Block 2 (D4B2)

Presented by Massachusetts Independent Film Festival

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Armed Defense
dir. Irina Patkanian [9 min]
A man turns his family home in Connecticut into a military stronghold fortified with machine guns, barbwire, and barricades. He is not alone. His neighbors are also armed and are on stand by. They all bear arms to defend their homes against invisible but immanent threat.

One Bedroom
dir. David Miller [20 min]
Moses and Wendy, former step-siblings, are thrown back into the same living quarters after sixteen years of bitter separation, an arrangement further complicated by Wendy’s brilliant six-year-old daughter, Elsa.

The Yank
dir. Sean Lackey [90 min]
Shot on location in Cleveland, Dublin and County Clare, Ireland. The comedy feature film The Yank tells the story of Tom Murphy, a middle-aged Cleveland bachelor. For Tom, the perfect woman is beautiful, hard-working, family-oriented and like his parents 100 percent Irish. So when his best friend, Marty, decides to get married in Ireland, Tom’s family and friends send him off on a side splitting epic adventure. Tom does not know it yet, but he’s about to come face to face with the real Ireland. Tom’s plan to find his dreams takes him on a journey of discovery to a land that defies his original expectations. He may soon discover that the grass isn’t always greener, even in Ireland.

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