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(2013) dir Stephanie Spray, Pacho Velez [118 min; DCP]
Recently declared to be the best movie of 2014 so far by Indiewire, MANAKAMANA is a unique cinematic experience that is a major boon for people watchers. The latest from Harvard’s Sensory Ethnography Lab, this film consists of a series of single shot sequences showing cable car passengers on a 10-minute ride across the Nepal Valley on their way to or from the Manakamana Temple.

“[A] startlingly unique viewing experience … one of the most engrossing cinematic achievements to come along since… well, Leviathan. While it has no precise narrative arc, MANAKAMANA slowly grows its intrigue, rewarding patient viewers with a fascinating showcase of various occupants and an overall meditational quality.” – Eric Kohn, Indiewire


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