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Creepers (aka Phenomena)

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(1985) dir Dario Argento w/Jennifer Connelly, Daria Nicolodi, Donald Pleasence [82 min; 35mm]
One year before she danced the magic dance with Bowie in Labyrinth, Jennifer Connelly starred in this perverse Dario Argento squirm fest. Connelly plays a girl with the power to communicate with insects who, along with a conveniently handy entomologist (Pleasence) and his chimpanzee assistant named Inga, tracks a murderer at a Swiss girls’ school.

Soundtrack features songs by Goblin, Simon Boswell, Motörhead, Iron Maiden and Bill Wyman.

“If you ever wanted to hear Bruce Dickinson wail while Sarah from Labyrinth (1986) is brought to seeming insanity over communicating with maggots, now is your chance!” Check out Brattle Film Notes for Dario Argento’s CREEPERS

We’re thrilled to be partnering with the American Genre Film Archive (AGFA) on our fall line-up for the REEL WEIRD BRATTLE series. The folks at AGFA are doing valuable work by collecting, preserving and making available genre and exploitation titles that might otherwise be ignored by more high-fallutin’ institutions. Subsequently, their collection contains some of the weirdest, wildest images ever committed to celluloid – perfect for this series that celebrates cinema at the edge of sanity. Learn more about AGFA and donate to their cause at!

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