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The Boxer’s Omen

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The Boxer's Omen

(1983) dir Chih-Hung Kuei w/Phillip Ko Fei, Elvis Tsui Kam-Kong [99 min; 35mm]
“THE BOXER’S OMEN is The Holy Mountain, Altered States and Rocky all rolled into one; it’s all of ’70s gonzo kickass cinema compressed into an insane little ball and blasted through a garishly-colored early ’80s Hong Kong filter… It’s one of the craziest damned things you’ll ever witness in a movie theater, and this is NO hyperbole! It’s the Wizard Battle movie to end all Wizard Battle movies, it’s gooey, gory, neon-washed and, blessed Buddha, once you’ve seen it you will run out into the street and demand that every single friend of yours hop on the BOXER’S OMEN Express.” – notes from Cinefamily, LA

We’re thrilled to be partnering with the American Genre Film Archive (AGFA) on our fall line-up for the REEL WEIRD BRATTLE series. The folks at AGFA are doing valuable work by collecting, preserving and making available genre and exploitation titles that might otherwise be ignored by more high-fallutin’ institutions. Subsequently, their collection contains some of the weirdest, wildest images ever committed to celluloid – perfect for this series that celebrates cinema at the edge of sanity. Learn more about AGFA and donate to their cause at!

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