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Teen Lust

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Teen Lust

(1979) dir James Hong w/Kristen Baker, Perry Lang, Rick Singer [89 min; 35mm]
Exploitation guru Lars Nilsen calls this movie “a wholly American distillation of late-period Luis Buñuel” where “good taste is roughly elbowed aside, and black-humored perversity reigns.” That’s a good enough recommendation for us but when it’s also noted that the film is directed by legendary character actor James Hong (CHINATOWN, Big Trouble in Little China), we can’t resist it. Kristen Baker stars as a hot young police cadet who can’t find a minute’s peace as she is harassed and exploited at every turn.


We’re thrilled to be partnering with the American Genre Film Archive (AGFA) on our fall line-up for the REEL WEIRD BRATTLE series. The folks at AGFA are doing valuable work by collecting, preserving and making available genre and exploitation titles that might otherwise be ignored by more high-fallutin’ institutions. Subsequently, their collection contains some of the weirdest, wildest images ever committed to celluloid – perfect for this series that celebrates cinema at the edge of sanity. Learn more about AGFA and donate to their cause at!

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