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Bookbuilders is thrilled that David Weinberger, co-author of the best-selling Cluetrain Manifesto, will be the NEPCo 2014 guest speaker. David is Senior Researcher at Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society, where he writes about “the effect of technology on ideas.” David will speak at the main event and participate in group discussion / Q&A during the post-event reception.

Moderating the post-event group discussion with David Weinberger is David Sandberg, co-owner of Porter Square Books. Bookbuilders supports independent bookstores, and Porter Square Books will be selling copies of Too Big to Know at the event.


Equal opportunity aside, we’ll proudly claim the integrity this implies. Publishers are still positioned at the intersection of creativity and business, and a commitment to the content drives many of us to serve the profession for life.

And yet, increasingly, success in publishing involves getting our hands dirty. In a changing marketplace, it means consideration of new formats, distribution methods, data, and partnerships. It means learning from other industries, taking risks, and engaging the expertise of other companies when hiring in-house talent is not feasible. It means admitting that some of our old standbys are left standing by in the face of change.

Twenty years ago, job titles and job descriptions across publishers were remarkably similar. There were key skills, and mastery of these led to respect and reward. When the landscape changed, however, many of us adapted through meaningful partnerships. We investigated new business models, expanded our core competencies, and challenged our vendors to provide new services. We learned about the technologies our customers embraced. We found new customers.

The NEPCo Awards celebrates this agile and open-minded approach to unprecedented change. To educate our members who are new to the industry, and to reward those who have achieved through meaningful relationships with partners, Bookbuilders presents this timely event.

Bookbuilders of Boston, a nonprofit organization founded in 1937, is dedicated to bringing together people involved in book publishing and manufacturing. Its membership represents all facets of the book industry: editing, design, production, manufacturing, and marketing. Through its various activities, Bookbuilders offers a forum to exchange information, learn new technologies, and promote improvements in the quality of books.

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