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Special Premiere Screening!

Ronnie Quizon in Person!

Presented by Cambridge Fil-Am Group

(2013) dir Mikhail Red w/Ronnie Quizon, Belle Mariano, Mike Lloren [92 min; DCP]
Maven (Ronnie Quizon), once a professional cinematographer in the film industry, is now a scuzzy videographer who compulsively records everything from the birth of his daughter to crime on the streets. His main income comes from an obsolete camcorder which he uses to shoot new releases off the cinema screen, but pirate DVDs are a dying trade, too, now that everyone streams or downloads. One night he shoots a murder, and the ruinous consequences turn his life upside-down.

This riveting feature debut from Mikhail Red (son of Raymond) plays like a dark urban thriller but in truth its plot mechanics are a pretext for other concerns. At one level, it’s a panorama of Manila lowlife, a descendant of the great films about haves and have-nots made by such directors as Lino Brocka and Ishmael Bernal in the 1980s. At another level, though, it picks up on precedents like Michael Powell’s Peeping Tom and Antonioni’s Blow Up by focusing on an alienated character who stands apart from society and just looks. In other words, Maven’s plight is a metaphor for a kind of urban dislocation which may or may not be endemic in a city like Manila. As metaphors go, it’s a doozy, sharpened by the immediacy of Red’s account of life on the city’s night streets. – Description by Tony Rayns, Vancouver International Film Festival

Official Selection – Vancouver International Film Festival
Winner – El Rey Award for Excellence in Acting in a Lead Role, Barcelona International Film Festival

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  • Sunday 10/26 at 1:00

Tickets $15 General Public/$10 Students. No Brattle passes.