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Why Don’t You Play in Hell?

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Late Shows Friday, January 2 thru Sunday, January 4

A renegade film crew becomes embroiled with a yakuza clan feud in this bloody ode to 35mm cinema, the thirty-first feature film from Japan’s prolific provocateur-auteur Sion Sono.

Jigoku de naze warui / 地獄でなぜ悪い (2013) dir Sion Sono w/Hiroki Hasegawa, Tak Sakaguchi, Fumi Nikaidô, Jun Kunimura, Shin’ichi Tsutsumi [129 min; DCP; in Japanese with English subtitles]
Bad blood has been brewing between the Muto and Ikegami yakuza clans for over ten years and it’s about to come to a boil. With a gang war imminent, all boss Muto wants to do is make a movie star of his slightly demented teenage daughter, Mitsuko. Muto enlists the aid of a crew of eager renegade filmmakers, The F*** Bombers, who seize the opportunity of a lifetime: to film a real, live yakuza battle to the death with the full cooperation of both gangs and an endless supply of 35mm film.

Japanese cult film maestro, Sion Sono (Love Exposure) marries his trademark excess and outrageousness with his obvious affection for the history of cinema resulting in a blood-drenched ode to celluloid. Endlessly irreverent and wildly, hilariously visceral, WHY DON’T YOU PLAY IN HELL? is a Tarantinoesque ode to the yakuza films of yore, and features an over-the-top finale for the ages.


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  • Friday 1/2 at 9:30 PM
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  • Sunday 1/4 at 9:30 PM

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