Saturday, January 17

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Canceled: Possession

Canceled – we regret any inconvenience.

(1981) dir Andrzej Zulawski w/Isabelle Adjani, Sam Neill [124 min; 35mm]
The ultimate relationship horror movie follows Mark (Neill) as he discovers his wife has lost interest in their marriage and wants a divorce. Obsessed with finding out why, Mark delves into his wife’s life and finds a dark and monstrous secret behind what is driving her strange new behavior.

It’s that time of the year again when people start buying candy and jewelry and putting up pictures of cherubs everywhere. As much as we love celebrating love, we feel that sometimes there’s too narrow a definition applied around Valentine’s Day. Here with the antidote is our latest REEL WEIRD BRATTLE late night series. From David Cronenberg’s transgressive masterpiece CRASH to the bizarre obsessions of THE ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES to the alternative affections of SECRETARY, we present a series of weird and wonderful films that are all, no matter how strangely, driven by passion.
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