Sunday, January 25

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Animation II

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Each category of short films and animations features jury-selected work by artists from around the world. Category programs are approximately one-hour long.

The Last Leaf – Gwyneth Christoffel
A cute little caterpillar runs into big trouble trying to get to the last delicious leaf on a tall tree.

Frog Boy – Jehan Madhani
FrogBoy learns a valuable lesson about family in this very short short.

Stretch – Pravin Vatt

Tears – Yahya Ghobadi
Tears is an animated short by Iranian filmmaker Yahya Ghobadi. Like Forbidden Games its focus is on the struggle of a child to survive the onslaught of war.

Si Lunchai – Hannes Rall
The poor yet smart trickster Si Lunchai triumphs over the cruel king. An adaptation of an Indonesian legend, inspired by the style of the Southeast Asian shadow puppet play “Wayang Kulit.

Lilly’s Big Day – The Bum Family
Lilly, a 10-foot tall orange monster, steps out for a special day at Wilma’s Super Salon. Patrons gasp and stylists glitch as the affable giant bumbles her way through a beauty ritual like no other.

Spamorama – Mondo Ghulam
The internet hits back when spam becomes spurned, for our dubious hero Cedric. Lampooning the scourge of inboxes the world over, Cedric and his video game-obsessed pal Godric learn a painful lesson.

Jimmy Loves Juice – David Yee
A normal day in the park for young Jimmy takes an unexpected turn when he tries a new kind of refreshment…juice!

Serenity – Jack Dunphy
An animated memoir recounting first love, addiction, loosing one’s virginity, and turning to pizza in times of crisis.

Orisha’s Journey – Abdul Ndadi
Rooted in African myth, Orisha’s Journey is about a little girl and the power of imagination. Orisha, who doesn’t believe in fables finds herself in one. After meeting a lost flower spirit, she must journey through the world of spirits and the depths of her imagination to return the lost flower to the ‘Walking Forest!’


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