Sunday, January 25

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Dance Performance and Music Video

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Each category of short films and animations features jury-selected work by artists from around the world. Category programs are approximately one-hour long.

The Roar – Monish Gangwani
In this lyrically haunting piece, a young man vacillates between success and self-destruction until he faces the truth of who he really is and claims his destiny.

Threading Motion Project: Quilt Vignettes – Merli V. Guerra
Threading Motion Project is short film series aimed to physically interpret the visual breadth and motion of the 2-dimensional medium of quilting, through the use of video projection, dance, and film.

Vanishing Points – Marites Carino
A visual exploration of the power of momentary connection within an otherwise disconnected world. Set along the edges of a soon-to-be demolished triangular heritage building, two individuals inhabit separate spaces, dancing alone, yet unknowingly influencing one another. Choreography by Tentacle Tribe.

Dark Nebula A 268 – Craig Oty
A view into deep space. A form takes shape out of a dark nebula and dances through interrupted transmissions, visual and aural, and finally is lost in the clouds of cosmic dust from which it appeared.

The One I Keep – Merli V. Guerra
With social media becoming an ever-increasing force in our lives, it’s easy to let the world know more of our personal secrets than one might realize. This film, created from the real-life online journals of the artist toys with this concept of revealing oneself to the world.

Girls Club – Chantal Massuh Fox  |  Music by Tyler LeVander  |  Lyrics by Chantal Massuh Fox and Julianna Salguero
An independent music video that explores the double standards society puts on women.

When He Comes Home – Ben Phillippo |  Music by Banditas
When a 1950s housewife discovers her husband’s infidelity, a neighborhood cocktail party turns to something far more sinister.

Time vs. Money – Shaun Clarke |  Music by The Bynars
Time and money rule our lives, but what is actually holding things together?  Time and money don’t hold things together… those are concepts created by man.  What is actually holding things together is love. The video features dancers, Kirsten Evans & Alex Lantz, with choreography by Viktor Plotnikov.

Animal Love II – Liann Kaye | Producers: David E. Munz-Maire and Taylor Stanton  |  Music by Charlene Kaye
Animal Love II is more than just a ballad. With a softly dreamy opening verse, its melody shocks as a funky guitar riff bleeds into a much louder chorus. The video represents  blind hope and the ecstatic feeling that comes with new love.


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