Sunday, January 25

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Drama, Narrative, & Comedy I

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Each category of short films and animations features jury-selected work by artists from around the world. Category programs are approximately one-hour long.

Octopus – Paul Villanova
Bruno Santilli is an animal fighter. When he gets offered a big payday to wrestle a giant octopus underwater, Bruno gets the chance to change his life for the better. But as the underwater clash looms, Bruno learns that holding his breath may be the biggest obstacle of all.

Nascent – Jerrold Chong
Nas-cent : beginning to exist or develop. An unusual pair of twins has to learn to adapt to a strange new relationship, and must make a decision that will change their fates forever.

SOLO – Lisa Weseman
A mother and son mourn the loss of an experimental aircraft pilot and uncover a mystery surrounding his last flights.

Bear Hug – Ed Foose
When her best friend (who happens to be a bear) is kidnapped by the boy next door and his Minotaur, Ali must spend the eve of her tenth birthday doing everything she can to get her back – even if that means enlisting the help of her older brother’s former best friend: a burnt out military shark.

Entracte – Marielle Gautier
During the intermission of a theatrical show, two actresses are getting ready in the dressing room. It’s the moment to tell the truth. Not everything is what it looks like.


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