Sunday, January 25

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Each category of short films and animations features jury-selected work by artists from around the world. Category programs are approximately one-hour long.

Placement of the Grain – Mitch Kraft
Placement of the Grain consists of the combination of irrational elements drawn from a consciously shut out mans subconscious desire to find context in his own individuality. It reflects the contradiction of viewing ones self in a separated existence as opposed to a relevant combination of our surroundings.

Käfer in Schachteln – Wojtek Skowron
This film is a visual interpretation of a part of Wittgenstein’s ‘private language argument’.

G14 – Harlan Doolittle
A taste of sensory overload. This experimental fashion film explores deification of beauty through a sharp blend of music and image, tapping into the emotional danger of being surrounded by images in the 21st century.

Beetle Bluffs – Anna Lindemann
Beetle Bluffs brings to life the stories that accompany each specimen within a natural history collection. The film is by Anna Lindemann, developed in collaboration with Brian Farrell, Curator of Entomology at the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology, home to one of the richest and historically most significant insect collections in North America. ‘Beetle Bluffs’ is inspired by a pioneering 1938 paper on beetle mimicry by Philip Darlington, a former curator of the museum. Using artifacts from Darlington’s research and the insect specimens cited in the original paper, ‘Beetle Bluffs’ not only captures the beauty of biodiversity, but also illuminates predator-prey dynamics and dramatizes the evolution of mimicry.

Samsara – Ersi Zhao
This short film talks about the life meaning which repeats itself like an endless circle.

Colornests – Elizabeth Meyer
In Colornests, a puppet in a modern art gallery undergoes uncanny transformations due to the power and properties of color.

Egg Eating Chicken – Rachel Yurkovich
Egg Eating Chicken s a recording of one of the many days that this chicken has consumed the egg that she laid. The chicken appears to lack awareness of the fact that it is eating something that contains its own DNA: but we know. Situations such as the one I provide for this chicken, give freedom for her to live out her unreasoning desires; desires which in a farm situation would get her culled or disciplined until she discontinued the act of eating eggs.

Six Dreams About A City – Chengliang Cai
Six Dreams About a City is an experimental short film that explores the middle ground between dreams and reality, also history and present. Employing animation and historical footage, the film depicts several short phantasmagoric dreams of an unknown city, which seem to occur in the mind of an imprisoned white American. The film is a response to the hyper-reality of today’s China. No answer or solution has been revealed in the film, as there is no answer and solution for this pathetic world, either.


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