Tuesday, January 27

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Canceled: Trash Night: Laser Mission

Rescheduled to Tuesday, February 17!

Trash Night is canceled due to the blizzard, state of emergency, and MBTA closure. It’s not our fault! Join us on February 17 when Trash Night will (finally) present LASER MISSION in all its direct-to-video glory!

(1989) dir BJ Davis w/Brandon Lee, Debi A. Monahan, Ernest Borgnine [84 min; digital]
Mercenaries! Gold! Cuba! Brandon Lee and Ernest Borgnine star in a movie about lasers which actually doesn’t have many lasers in it. But it’s the Cold War, so the KBG and CIA are (naturally) involved in a race to acquire a laser scientist and a big diamond from Cuba. This direct-to-video gem was released four years before Brandon Lee’s untimely death during production of The Crow.


We’re excited to welcome TRASH NIGHT, one of Boston’s best underground comedy/film events, to the Brattle! Once a month TRASH NIGHT selects one F-grade, sub-cult cinematic wonder and unleashes it on an unsuspecting audience – with original video weirdness seeded throughout. This is one of the rare times at the Brattle when audience participation is not only encouraged, it’s required!

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