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(1984) dir David Lynch w/w/Kyle MacLachlan, Virginia Madsen, Brad Dourif, Jose Ferrer, Linda Hunt, Sting, Jack Nance, Jurgen Prochnow, Freddie Jones, Patrick Stewart, Dean Stockwell, Max von Sydow, Sean Young, Kenneth McMillan [137 min; Format 35mm]
Derided by critics upon its initial relase, Lynch’s DUNE is, however, a dazzling visualization of an unfilmable book – albeit a sometimes-inscrutable one. In the far-flung future, the entire universe depends on the spice production of the desert planet, Arrakis. When it appears that a long foretold prophecy is coming to fruition, powerful political forces move against Arrakis’s House Atredies and its young heir Paul (MacLachlan). Not your average space opera, DUNE is a gritty, sci-fi epic told with Lynch’s typically complex visual language.


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