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Lost Highway

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(1997) dir David Lynch w/Bill Pullman, Patricia Arquette, Balthazar Getty, Robert Loggia, Robert Blake, Jack Nance, Henry Rollins, Giovanni Ribisi, Gary Busey, Richard Pryor [134 min; 35mm]
In 1997, David Lynch resurfaced after a five-year absence from Hollywood with LOST HIGHWAY. Bill Pullman stars as a jazz musician who finds himself involved in some very nasty business involving his wife (Arquette) and including one extremely memorable scene with creepy, creepy Robert Blake (“Aask Me!”). Oh, and then Pullman somehow changes into a completely different person halfway through the film! The meaning of it all is elusive, and LOST HIGHWAY is one of Lynch’s most challenging works since ERASERHEAD, but it retains the noir-ish sensibility and beauty that his fans cherish.

“His most thoroughly surreal work since Eraserhead.” – Andy Klein, Dallas Observer

“It’s a weird movie, in that spooky/sicko, deadpan way that Lynch’s movies always are, and it’s guaranteed to repel anyone who likes entertainment wrapped in tidy resolutions and optimistic fade-outs.” – Edward Guthmann, SF Chronicle

“A compelling erotic nightmare.” – Michael Sragow, The New Yorker

“A virtuoso symphony of bad vibes.” – David Edelstein, Slate



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