Friday, March 6

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The Late Show!

Theatrical Premiere March 6–8!

(2014) dir Joel Potrykus w/Joshua Burge, Joel Potrykus [97 min; Digital]
Marty is a caustic, small-time con artist drifting from one scam to the next. When his latest ruse goes awry, mounting paranoia forces him from his lousy small town temp job to the desolate streets of Detroit with nothing more than a pocket full of bogus checks, a dangerously altered Nintendo Power Glove, and a bad temper. Albert Camus meets Freddy Krueger in BUZZARD, a hellish and hilarious riff on the struggles of the American working class.

“‘Buzzard’ is a Twisted, Hilarious Anti-Capitalist Masterpiece!” – Eric Kohn, Indiewire

“A vigorous and strangely compelling character study, a sustained burst of punk-rock ferocity, and one of the most original American films to emerge in some time.” – The Village Voice

“Like ‘Office Space’ on crack.” – Indiewire

“You kind of want him to succeed in his petty rebellion against boredom, conformity and corporate blandness, and you kind of want him to be punched in the face.” – A.O. Scott, New York Times

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  • Friday 3/6 at 9:30 PM
  • Saturday 3/7 at 9:30 PM
  • Sunday 3/8 at 9:30 PM

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