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Shorts Program: Changes & Transformation

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WAM! Film Festival 2015 • Dramatic Shorts Program: Changes and Transformation

Directed by Elizabeth Kerin
USA, 2014
A straight-laced, studious young woman makes a horrible discovery the morning after her roommate hosts a house party.

Alles wordt nu anders
(Everything Will Be Different Now)

Directed by Josefien Hendriks
Netherlands, 2013
Esther (40) is expecting her first child, Marie-Louise (61) is terminally ill. Although they travel in opposite directions, there are numerous similarities. They are both preparing for a major and incomprehensible event over which they have little control. They become dependent on others but at the same time they are thrown back on themselves and their world shrinks into an ever smaller universe. The film takes us into both women’s heads and makes us part of their changing worlds.

Directed by Rene van Rooyen
South Africa, 2014
Pathology is set in a dystopian South Africa of 2020, where impossibly high walls circle the cities, separating the healthy from the virus-ridden and the rich from the poor. Two sisters administer palliative care and research a cure for the virus. Or so it would seem. As the film unfolds, we come to realize that one of the sisters died some time ago, having succumbed to the virus, while the other is slowly unravelling, losing the threads of her life-story as she maintains a daily ritual to shore up her guilt.

Jewish Girls Are Easy
Directed by Charlotte Glynn
USA, 2014
Tova has a Passover Seder to throw but her brother Sol who is supposed to bring the main course is nowhere to be found. To make matters worse, Colin, Tova’s most recent one night stand, thinks the hickey on her breast is the Virgin Mary and refuses to leave her side. Will Tova be able to find Sol, get rid of Colin, and save Passover?

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