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Shorts Program: Family Dynamics

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WAM 2015 • Dramatic Shorts Program: Family Dynamics

Date With Fate
Directed by Venetia Taylor
Australia, 2012
Some things are meant to be, whether you like it or not.

Lala y Lola
Directed by Judith Hidalgo Arana
Spain, 2014
Lola is caught in the downward economic spiral of Madrid. While struggling with her personal crisis of apathy, her grandma Lala has a heavy stroke. In this movie with emotion and humor, Lola and Lala try to overcome the afasie of language and crisis.

The Balloon
Director Natalia Lampropoulou
Greece, 2013
A little girl has just lost her father and the presence of a balloon makes her forget everything…

Directed by Sonja Petrovic
Serbia, 2015
Drinking coffee in the morning is not this family’s ritual anymore, but a sad memory which is reborn every day. The mother lives in illusion of the past, because the present is too cruel and the father is trying to impose the truth on her, the truth that he himself is not willing to accept. Destiny is often like a morning coffee – bitter and harsh, but we still drink it. This is a story about the gap and losses in the family which can be overcome only by selfless support and love.

The Cake
Canada, 2013
A conversation between a mother and a daughter, along with several other ingredients, will allow us to get inside the private lives of other people. The dialogues wear such resemblance to those of ordinary life that they will remind us of ourselves.

Directed by Kerrin Kokot
South Africa, 2013
Mary’s not getting any … sleep. Neither, apparently are her sex-crazed neighbours. So Mary does what any respectable woman would do.

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