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Rocks in My Pockets

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Filmmaker Signe Baumane in Person!

(2014) dir Signe Baumane [88 min; DCP]
In the new animated gem ROCKS IN MY POCKETS, artist and filmmaker Signe Baumane tells – with boundless imagination and a twisted sense of humor – five fantastical tales based on the courageous women in her family and their battles with madness.

“A brave film, a unique way of exploring a taboo topic.” – David Lewis, San Francisco Chronicle

★★★½ “[A] sardonically hilarious, sneakily moving, autobiographical animated feature.” – Peter Keough, Boston Globe

“It serves as a striking reminder of the countless individuals who suffer similar pains in silence, and of the special power of animation to make the unseen visible.” – Charles Solomon, Los Angeles Times

“Coasting over the denials and euphemisms offered by nervous uncles and cousins, Baumane uncovers a gene pool heavily freighted with mental illness, depression and self-annihilation.” – Ella Taylor, NPR

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  • Sunday 3/22 at 7:30 PM • Director in Person

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