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The Editor

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Director: Adam Brooks, Matthew Kennedy
Screenwriter: Adam Brooks, Matthew Kennedy, Conor Sweeney
Cast: Paz de la Huerta, Samantha Hill, Laurence R. Harvey, Udo Kier
Canada, 95 min, 2014

BUFF logoWe here at BUFF have never disguised our love for Astron-6. Whether you’ve caught their many shorts that we’ve screened over the years or their featurette Manborg back in 2012, you’re probably familiar with their unique parody/homage hybrids. With The Editor, founding Astron-6 members Adam Brooks and Matthew Kennedy mine the plentiful well of ‘70s Eurotrash giallo films, and like always, hit that sweet spot between respect and derision.

Rey Cisco is a film editor whose once promising career began to wane after he accidentally sliced off his own fingers in a fit of rage. Now, working on a low budget horror movie, he struggles to maintain his sanity as several of his fellow crew members end up murdered around him. Meanwhile a detective investigates and various characters seek to take advantage of the deadly situation.

Kennedy and Brooks, aided by co-writer/actor Conor Sweeney, keep the film densely packed with broad humor and subtle references, punctuating the jokes with over the top blood & gore, and excessive nudity. The film-within-a-film structure of the plot adds another level of meta for those who might not be familiar with the works of Argento or Bava, making The Editor a frequently hilarious and thoroughly enjoyable experience for giallo fans and non-fans alike.
-Kevin Monahan

mopedknightsPreceded by:
Mike Pecci & Tony Fernandez, USA, 6 min.
Marauding moped gangs take over the night.



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