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Bloody Knuckles

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Director: Matt O’Mahoney
Screenwriter: Matt O’Mahoney
Cast: Adam Boys, Kasey Ryne Mazak, Ken Tsui
Canada, 85 min, 2014

BUFF logoA comic book artist tangles with a ruthless crime boss and his henchmen, aided by his own vengeful severed hand.

Check your politically correct sensibilities at the door, because Matt O’Mahoney’s Bloody Knuckles is an artist’s statement on free speech that doesn’t care about offending you.

Heir to the throne of a long line of cinematic killer hands, this raucous horror-comedy delivers a fistful of splattery mayhem with a gleefully distasteful sense-of-humor. Underneath a barrage of decapitations and dick jokes, however, lies an important examination of artistic expression in a culture prone to condemning provocative artists while ignoring the actual problems addressed in their work.

When obscene comic book artist Travis targets prominent Chinatown crime boss Mr. Fong in one of his issues, Fong punishes him by severing his drawing hand. Travis sinks into alcoholic despair…until his hand shows up to exact bloody revenge, prompting him to take back control of his life.

On the surface Bloody Knuckles may appear juvenile, but its angle on outrageous art catalyzing conversation — with sometimes violent consequences — is poignant and timely. Is Bloody Knuckles simply a vulgar movie about a rampaging killer hand? Is it a subversive statement on the responsibility of artists to a global community? However it’s interpreted, be thankful the determination hasn’t been made for you; the message here is a triumph of art over censorship.

If this all sounds a little too self-important, don’t worry – there’s plenty of comical gore, boobs, toilet humor, and a pranking, disembodied hand with a thirst for blood.
— Chris Hallock

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