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Homegrown Horror

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BUFF logoThe spirit of New England resilience is demonstrated in its homespun cinema; consequently, our industrious filmmakers offer a diverse array of work in the horror genre. Homegrown Horror spotlights their voices by sharing a sample of the unique and sinister stories lurking beneath the surface of this seemingly idyllic place.

A psychopath in Raynham, Massachusetts is frustrated by modern communication (The Horrors of Auto-Correct); in Portland, Maine, an urban legend hungers for a vulnerable part of a child’s body (Tickle). These are just small glimpses of the ghastly horrors that permeate picturesque New England. Once again, BUFF is thrilled to present a medley of terror served up with genuine love for all that is creepy, gruesome, and disturbing!
— Chris Hallock

Ben Swicker
3 min.

horrorsThe Horrors of Auto-Correct
Alex DiVincenzo
6 min.

Porcelain Dalya
2 min.

bucksavageBuck Savage
Derek R. Brigham, Uke Doiron
11 min.

Andrea Wolanin
20 min.

octobergardenThe October Garden
Thomas Tosi
10 min.

Corey Norman
10 min.

woundThe Wound
David Garrett
18 min.

(Special thanks to Damnationland and Film Unbound)

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