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I Am a Knife with Legs

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Director: Bennett Jones
Screenwriter: Bennett Jones
Cast: Bennett Jones, Will Crest, Tommy Malatesta
USA, 83 min, 2014

BUFF logoThere are some films that defy all categorization, that stand so oddly apart that they’re impossible to describe – and then there’s I Am A Knife With Legs.

International rock superstar Bené (PoMo Renaissance whiz Bennett Jones) faces unique problems: His girlfriend’s been killed by a suicide bomber, a fatwa has been issued against him, and his delicious-looking eclair looks weird. Holed up in a Los Angeles apartment, he awaits an oncoming group of assassins while his manager, Beefy, keeps him company. As his fate looms ever-nearer, songs are written, disguises are devised, and cats are played with; will this be the end of Bené?

Seven years in the making, I Am A Knife With Legs is a testament to its writer-star-composer-producer Jones’s powerful singularity of vision: Developing the character of Bené through stand-up routines, Jones’s feature treatment breathes life into the inimitable Europop sensation as you are jettisoned through the hyper-strange, melodic, WTFunny world inside his head.

Without a moment’s respite, I Am Knife With Legs gleefully immerses the audience in its strange, beautiful world – blessed with odd characters, facepalm-witty wordplay, and brilliant, madcap energy, prepare for a lo-fi kaleidoscopic joyride of set-pieces and animated interstitials that defies the rules and expectations of traditional narrative.
— Evrim Ersoy

manicornPreceded by:
Jim McDonough & Robert McVarish, USA, 5 min.
In this psychedelic cautionary tale, a flu-ridden man essentially crosses the streams by breaking the cardinal rule regarding daytime and nighttime medication.

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