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Director: Cheyenne Picardo
Screenwriter: Cheyenne Picardo
Cast: Kira Davies, Ashlie Atkinson, Julia Ubrankovics
USA, 120 min, 2013

BUFF logoWhile 50 shades of whatever is sweeping the country, here’s a film from an insider’s perspective on the kink/BDSM scene. A young woman whose only experience with kink comes from the fetish clubs answers a classified ad for a house domme. Assuming the name Mistress Remedy, she works as a “pro switch” (both dominant and submissive) for a clientele that ranges in age and desire. While her sessions start out relatively easy, they grow in intensity as Remedy’s own proclivities are brought to the surface. Soon enough, Remedy is pushing her own boundaries as her wellspring of curiosity/pride keeps her on the job.

First-time director Cheyenne Picardo based Remedy on her own experiences working as a pro domme, and it shows through her measured portrayal of the lifestyle. Unflinching, unglamorous and uncritical, Picardo’s deliberate pacing doesn’t reveal anything before Remedy finds it out for herself. And Kira Davies gives a phenomenal performance as the title character, expressing through her eyes and gestures every bit of doubt and interest as Remedy’s sessions become less about the physical pain/pleasure dichotomy, and more about the psychological power play.
-Kevin Monahan


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