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Bag Boy Lover Boy

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Director: Andres Torres
Screenwriter: Andres Torres, Toni Comas
Cast: Jon Wachter, Theodore Bouloukos, Kathy Biehl, Kara Peterson
USA, 80 min, 2014

BUFF logoWhen high-art photographer Ivan (Theodore Bouloukos) meets street hot dog vendor Albert (Jon Wachter), it seems like a mutually beneficial relationship. Albert will get an introduction to the New York art scene and Ivan will have a muse for his semi soft-core/S&M photo shoots. But when Albert envisions himself behind the camera, the relationship quickly goes south as Albert feels exploited and Ivan becomes frustrated at Albert’s perceived lack of appreciation. When Ivan leaves for Milan leaving Albert the keys to his studio, the stage is set for all of Albert’s frustrations to simmer to a boil, taking Ivan’s photo concepts to their logical, vile conclusions.

Bag Boy Lover Boy has a layer of grime on it. It is both a funny and nasty little piece of work. The film’s portrayal of Manhattan as both a playground and hellscape will be familiar to fans of Nick Zedd, Richard Kern or early Abel Ferrara. It’s obvious that Bag Boy owes much of its success to the intensity of Wachter’s performance as Albert. He is able to turn the audience’s sympathies on a dime ranging from innocently naive to frighteningly deranged. But the other character that brings the seedy atmosphere of Bag Boy Lover Boy to vivid life is New York City itself; a place that is both colorfully familiar and nightmarishly foreign as seen through Torres’ cynical lens.
–Kevin Monahan

beautifulmeatPreceded by:
Ronald Riqueros, USA, 20 min.
The mysterious disappearance of gorgeous porn star Max Steele, sets the mood of this psychological-thriller short film against a background of lust, obsession and gore.


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