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Totally Saturday Morning Cartoons

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Runtime: 150 minutes

BUFF logoBack in October 2014, the nation mourned the end of an era: The death of Saturday morning cartoons. For 50+ years, the weekly ritual of waking up early and planting one’s self in front of the TV with a box of sugary cereal was sacred to children all over North America.

In the epoch before the instant gratification-era of VOD and YouTube we have today, this was the one time a week when we could get our cartoon fix; binge-watching and binge-eating were a socially sanctioned way to spend a Saturday in these halcyon days.

In the spirit of reviving our favorite bygone ritual, and introducing it to the generation that will never know this unique joy, BUFF invites you and the kiddos to join us for a trip down memory lane complete with cereal smorgasbord!

This year’s program will explore favorites and obscurities from the mid-80s through early 90s, punctuated with vintage commercials and PSAs! While the lineup is always kept secret, there will be action, adventure, mystery, lions, tigers, and bears, and a whole lot more!

If you grew up or watched cartoons in this era, then you know what you’re in for! In the true spirit of the Saturday morning cartoon ritual, pajamas are HIGHLY encouraged! All you can eat cereal (and some options for vegans/lactose intolerant folks too)!

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