Saturday, March 28

Special Events ArchiveBoston Underground Film Festival 2015

Two Way Mirror

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77 min.

BUFF logoCome fall through the rabbit hole to thirteen diverse visions. Experience robotic dystopias, a confrontation with the devil, steampunk fairy tales, love poems, an arrogant white whale, surreal dreamscapes, blasphemous bedtime stories, and unexpected laughs. Not intended for children.

— Bekah Murphy & Joe Kluczkiewicz

In Capricious Hands
Stephan Larsons, USA, 5 min

Mark Lomon & Johanne Ste-Marie, Canada, 6 min

It Needs to Eat
Lauren Flinner, USA, 2 min

Patrick Fatica, USA, 9 min

Amanda Strong, Canada, 9 min

Storm Jumper
Malcolm Sutherland, Canada, 5 min

This is Not a Time to Lie
Lei Lei, China, 4 min

Lucky and Finnegan
Davide Di Saro, Canada, 9 min

There’s an Octopus in Your Head
Ari Grabb, USA, 7 min

The Master’s Voice: Caveirão
Guilherme Marcondes, Brazil, 10 min

Wailing Whale
Laura Venditti, Canada, 2 min

Eye in Tuna Care
John Walter Lustig, USA, 4 min

Day 40
Sol Friedman, Canada, 6 min

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  • Saturday 3/28 at 2:45 PM

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