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Der Samurai

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Director: Till Kleinert
Screenwriter: Till Kleinert
Cast: Michel Diercks, Pit Bukowski, Uwe Preuss
Germany, 79 min, 2014

BUFF logoIn the Brandenburg countryside of East Germany, a skulking wolf menaces the villagers and silences the lambs. Jakob, a young, by-the-book cop, seeks a humane way to deal with the canine harasser, leaving fresh meat deep in the forest with the aim of luring the creature away from the sleepy hamlet. Out in the darkness, he senses something more sinister prowling their perimeter; before the night is through, wolves will be the least of their worries.

A nameless, katana-wielding stranger — wiry, wild, and fluid of gender — is closing in on the village with a thirst for blood. When he spies the good natured police officer in the forest for the first time, an exhilarating predator-prey tango unfolds, forcing Jakob to confront the inner demons, escapist proclivities, and deep-rooted repressions that have haunted him all his life in this provincial town.

Wherever the samurai roams, heads roll and blood is shed as Jakob tries to reason with this unconscionable wrath. The longer he spends with the feral force that is the samurai, the harder it becomes to resist a growing urge to accept the madman’s gift – sublime surrender to the transgressive unknown.

Till Kleinert’s directorial debut is a sumptuously stylish queer ronin tale that digs deeply into the psychology of repression and desire. With a beautiful sense of balance and tension between the profane and the pure, carnality and order, this nearly uncategorizable neo-giallo thriller is unrelenting in intensity and unforgettable in execution.
— Nicole McControversy

abdullahPreceded by:
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