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Slice of Life Shorts

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(logo) Boston LGBT Film FestivalTotal Running Time: 109 min.

DYLAN. Directed by Elizabeth Rohrbaugh. 9 min. USA
A short film based on a piece of documentary theater. Filmed in Coney Island at dawn, Dylan tells us the simple and honest story of his life and the ways in which he has transformed as a result his experiences. Through one man’s history, we explore the cultural fabric of the transgender community.

QORDS CAMP. Directed by Rick Dillwood. 24 min. USA
A short documentary about QORDS, a Southern summer camp that builds queer community through music.

BEDDING ANDREW. Directed by Blair Fukumura. 5 min. USA
On the eve of his 30th birthday, Andrew Morrison-Gurza reflects on his life as an LGBTQ man with Cerebral Palsy, and the event that helped shape his identity as a gay man.

20 YEARS OF JOY. Directed by Stefan Raabe. 8 min. Australia
Powered by over 400 volunteers, JOY FM is just one of five radio stations worldwide that bring a voice to GLBTIQ communities. This is the volunteer’s story, revealing their personal struggles in a world which can make you feel like a stranger, and the huge difference a single radio station can have in making you feel completely at home.

SANDORKRAUT. Directed by Ann Husaini. 12 min. USA
SANDORKRAUT is an intimate portrait of Sandor Katz, a famous food author and fermentation guru. Sandor became obsessed with fermentation when a health crisis led him to move to an off-the-grid commune; his passion for this culinary art gradually transformed his perception of life and death.

THE BLOCK. Directed by Fred Bottrel. 20 min. Brazil
Liz, Paola, Sebastião, Lana, Vanessa and Charles are held in a cell block of a prison in Brazil. Inmates talk about conflicts, loves and disappointments from previous passages in male blocks and about the routine in the ‘gay block’, a pioneer experience in the Brazilian prison system.

GIRLS. Directed by Alena Baklanova. 13 min. Russian Federation.
Natalya is trying to answer the question why women choose homosexuality.

ELISE. Directed by Evan Sterrett. 12 min. USA
A young, black, transgender, and homeless woman resorts to survival sex on the streets of our nation’s capital.

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