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French Shorts

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(logo) Boston LGBT Film FestivalTotal Running Time: 97 min

SEPTIEME CIEL (SEVENTH HEAVEN). Directed by Guillaume Foirest. 35 min. France
7Th HEAVEN follows the everyday life of a young suburban (Sofiane) who does not manage to accept his sexuality and is described to be deviant by his circle, his family, his fellows and the ghetto where he lives.

LA GARCONNE. Directed by Nicolas Sarkissian. 29 min. France
In the 1920′s, somewhere in France. Summertime. Lisa, sixteen, avoids the bourgeois family boredom. At the bottom of a remote lake, she reveals herself.

PRESQUE UNE ILE. Directed by Lana Cheramy. 30 min. France
Elias, a twenty year-old student, comes back home for the holidays. He gets back to his mother Francoise and an old childhood friend, Bob. Before Elias left town, they were still lovers. Since, Bob became the town boy’s punching bag.

FILLES EN AGUILLES. Directed by Chris Lagg. 3 min. France
Being feminine is a job in itself! This girl experiences it in a lesbian bar where her femininity is questioned.

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