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Women in Comedy Festival Film Night

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Women in Comedy Festival is proud to present its 1st Annual Film Night as part of The 7th Annual Women in Comedy Festival. Designed to promote and celebrate women in the film industry and close the gender gap, WICF’s Film Night will screen 14 juried comedy shorts that were written, directed or produced by a women, or contain a strong female protagonist.

The ‘Best of Fest’ winner will be announced at the screening. The ‘Audience Favorite’ will also be voted on by the festivalgoers and presented to the winner at the screening.

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Featured Films:

Death, Taxes and Apple Juice
Two little girls try to figure out the meaning of life while preparing their taxes and drinking chardonnay.

The Doorman
Unable to find a love of his own, a doorman secretly fulfills the sexual fantasies of a group of older women who reside in an upscale residential building in Manhattan.

A woman faces her fears and the unexpected in her final student driving lesson.

Esme’s Party
After leaving a mutual friend’s fancy dress party, a pair of partygoers wait for the night bus and grapple for small talk to keep themselves warm.

A couple that has recently broken up have an awkward encounter at a mutual friend’s party.

Famous Sharron – Her Australian Story
Sharron talks about why she’s so very, very famous for absolutely nothing at all.

Faeries: Baby Crazy
Two faeries on a smoke break wonder if they’ll ever be ready to steal a baby and replace it with a changeling.

Russia’s top model, Svetlana, shoots an ad for a product near and dear to her heart.

Miss Fortune
A time traveling fortune teller ensures the best for her clients, until she sees a dangerous future she is not sure she can fix.

My Kingdom
A not so meditative meditation on the nature of personal space…featuring Jane Curtain.

Open House
A twisted look at what happens when a house-hunting couple and a real estate agent have a truthful conversation (listening not required).

Resuscitation!:A Love Story
After getting out of a long-term relationship, CPR instructor Julia is finding it difficult to “resuscitate” her love life. Will she ever find true love?

A short comedy about lust, names and wobbly eyebrows. Naturally.

The Ten Plagues
A young woman en route to a Passover Seder faces a wake-up call of biblical proportions; she encounters the modern-day Ten Plagues.

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  • Wednesday 4/22 at 8:00 PM

Tickets are $12 General Public, $10 Students and Seniors. Brattle passes not accepted.