Wednesday, May 6

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Citizen Kane

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Happy 100th Birthday Orson Welles!

(1941) dir Orson Welles w/Welles, Joseph Cotton, Dorothy Comingmore, Agnes Moorehead, Ruth Warrick, Erskine Sanford, Everett Sloane [119 min; 35mm]
Wednesday, May 6th, 2015 marks the 100th birthday of one of the greatest filmmakers of all time – Orson Welles. No matter what your opinion of the man and his works, it is impossible to overlook Welles’ power as a filmmaker and the incredible influence his films have had on cinematic history. CITIZEN KANE is, of course, the film that started it all. Not only one of the best films of all time but, startlingly, Welles’ feature filmmaking debut, KANE stars Welles as the titular character – a rags to riches newspaper magnate in the not-too-subtly-disguised mode of William Randolph Hearst.

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