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Repertory Series ArchiveReel Weird Brattle: 25 Years Weird (Spring 2015)


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(1990) dir Sam Raimi w/Liam Neeson, Frances McDormand, Larry Drake [96 min; 35mm]
Sam Raimi’s answer to Tim Burton’s Batman, DARKMAN finds Liam Neeson as a scientist perfecting a formula for artificial skin. When his lab is sabotaged and he is left for dead, the scientist recreates himself as Darkman and sets out to exact revenge upon the criminals who tried to kill him.

1990 was a very odd year cinematically. Perched on the verge of a new decade but still steeped in the neon-colored weirdness of the 1980s, the films of 1990 often feel simultaneously like throwbacks and bold new steps. Nowhere is that more obvious than in the cavalcade of weird cult films released that year. In this latest installment of our late night screening series REEL WEIRD BRATTLE, we focus on some of those strange titles that combine an ‘80s earnestness and a ‘90s cynicism.

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