Brattle Theatre Named “2015 Best Cinema, Independent”

We are thrilled to announced that Brattle Theatre has been named “2015 Best Cinema, Independent” by Boston Magazine’s Best of Boston® awards!

“In a time when Hollywood seems to have lost its way (Mortdecai, anyone?), places like the Brattle Theatre stand as beacons of hope. Rather than subject you to Let’s Be Cops on three screens, the Brattle offers area premieres of independent films, Charlie Chaplin’s 100th birthday celebration, the annual Boston LGBT Film Festival, a week of avant-garde Polish cinema, and a newly restored print of Jaws. All of this, plus the warm feeling you get from supporting a local nonprofit theater, and the additional warmth provided by the local beer and wine available at the concession stand.”

Big thanks to the reviewers at Best of Boston® and to you, our audience, for sharing our love of cinema!