Tuesday, June 30

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Elements of Cinema: Playtime

Free Screening and Discussion – Passes Not Required


Free Screening!

Introduction by Emerson College Professor Peter Flynn

Screening followed by audience discussion. This event is free and open to the public.

(1967) dir Jacques Tati w/Tati [124 min; 35mm]
Jacques Tati’s sublime comedic masterpiece thrusts the endearingly clumsy, resolutely old-fashioned Hulot, along with a host of other lost souls, into a bafflingly modernist Paris. Introduction by Emerson College professor Peter Flynn.

“While some directors spoon-feed their audience, in PLAYTIME Tati lets us come to his table and take what we will; he provides a sumptuous feast. We choose what to pay attention to, as the screen is constantly filled with a multitude of stories and a plethora of details.” Eric Shoag reviews PLAYTIME for Brattle Film Notes


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