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Trailer Smackdown 2015 Registration

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Attention aspiring filmmakers: Do you have what it takes? One winning team will triumph in our TRAILER SMACKDOWN contest! Highest honors will be bestowed by a jury of discerning peers—the audience at Trailer Treats

Register your crack team of filmmakers and we’ll email you this year’s competition menu, where you select elements for your fictional trailer… This year’s title will be SURRENDER. Curious how it works? Check out some of the entries from previous competitions on our YouTube channel, then plan your attack! TRAILER SMACKDOWN will place incredible demands on your creative, technical, and acting abilities… Are you up to the challenge???

You must register by Thursday, June 25, 2015 and all entries must be received by Thursday, July 2. Accepted entries will be screened in the competition at the 14th annual TRAILER TREATS on Thursday, July 16. NEW THIS YEAR! There will be a private screening for Smackdown registrants, friends, and family on Wednesday, July 15.

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Registration opens at Noon on Friday, April 17. Complete rules and competition menu will be emailed to registrants on or about April 30.

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An entry fee of $10 is required to participate. Entry fee must be received at the same time as the registration form. A portion of the entry fee contributes to final cash prizes to be awarded at the Trailer Treats 2015 event.

Registration opens at Noon on Friday, April 17

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• The goal of the Brattle’s Trailer Smackdown is for teams or individuals to create an original trailer for a fictional movie entitled THE LIBRARIAN.
• Each trailer must include one item from each Category column listed on the entry form (“Genre”, “Location”, “Character”, and “Action”). One write-in “Wild Card” will be allowed per entry. Please note: selecting one item does not preclude using other items from the same list
• All films submitted must be less than two (2) minutes long
• The films may contain violence or nudity, but we cannot allow anything that would be deemed pornography. You may not harm real animals or unwilling people in the making of your video

Every team/filmmaker must fill out the online registration form located at no later than 11:59pm on July 3, 2014. You will be asked to pay the registration fee at that time. You will also be asked to select the Categories that you are using in your entry film.
All completed films must ARRIVE no later than Monday, July 14, 2014 to the Brattle Theatre (Attn: Smackdown, 40 Brattle St., Cambridge, MA 02138).

ENTRY FEE: An entry fee of $10 is required to participate. Entry fee must be received at the same time as the registration form. A portion of the entry fee contributes to final cash prizes to be awarded at the Trailer Treats 2014 event.

FORMAT: All films must be submitted on Thumb Drive (USB) or DVD media. Entries should be 1920×1080 HD resolution. DVD media need not be auto-play, just the movie file is fine. At the discretion of the organizers, an alternate USB/DVD copy may be requested if technical problems are apparent.

LABEL: Each film must be labeled with YEAR, TEAM/FILMMAKER NAME, RUNNING TIME, CONTACT INFO (phone or email).

ASPECT RATIO: All films will be screened in 16:9 aspect ratio. Teams may shoot in widescreen or other aspect ratios, but it is highly recommend letterboxing the film to 16:9 so it won’t appear distorted at the screenings.

• Written credits for key technical and talent positions should be provided to organizers (i.e. director, cinematographer, editor, writer, actors/actresses) including any music and/or footage sources. On-screen credits for technical and talent positions are not required.
• If on-screen credits are included, they should be listed on one screen at the end, trailer-style, and not rolling for minutes like they would at the end of a feature.
• All films MUST include both a title treatment for the film and a separate card credit reading:

Created for the Brattle Theatre’s Trailer Smackdown 2014

• A preliminary judging round will determine a number of finalists to be screened at Trailer Treats for Audience Award consideration. A maximum of 20 films will be screened.
• The judges of the preliminary round shall be individuals with experience in the motion picture industry, such that they are qualified to select winning films, as determined by the organizer in its sole discretion. The judges will be the sole arbiters deciding which entries are screened for Audience Award consideration. No one will be allowed to be a Judge if he/she has any demonstrable bias or conflict of interest with respect to any of the Contest Entrants, as determined by the organizer in its sole discretion.
• Final awards will be determined by audience ballot after the screening of the finalist films at the Trailer Treats event. An announcement of the winner and any runner-ups will be made at that time.

JUDGING CRITERIA: Entries will be judged on creativity, technical merit, adherence to criteria, and “How badly they make us want to see the movie.” These are clearly subjective categories and will be treated as such. The judges will not use a point system. The final Audience Award and any runner-ups will be awarded based solely on a score obtained by averaging all scores awarded by audience ballot.

OWNERSHIP OF MOVIES: The filmmakers maintain the rights to their finished trailers. However, The Brattle Theatre and Brattle Film Foundation reserve the right to broadcast the trailers, post them on the internet, include scenes from trailers in future promotional materials, and include trailers in compilations on DVD or other media.

ONLINE DISTRIBUTION: No movies may be posted online prior to the contest. If we find your movie online (YouTube, Vimeo, etc) before the screening, you will be ineligible for the competition. After the screening, however, filmmakers are free to post their trailers online. The Brattle may feature the winning trailer as well as runner-ups on

DISQUALIFICATION: The organizer reserves the right to disqualify any Team, Contributor, Entrant, or Entered Film that does not comply with the Official Rules and other Contest requirements communicated by the organizer.

ELIGIBILITY: Anyone can enter the Trailer Smackdown contest. There are no age restrictions and entry is open to amateurs and professionals alike. No one working on the film, however, can be paid. The screenings and award ceremonies will be held at the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, MA, but you can still participate even if you aren’t a Cambridge local. If you don’t live in the area and still want to participate, just make sure your movie in our hands by July 14, 2014.

Paid employees of the Brattle Film Foundation and their immediate family are welcome to participate in the contest but are not eligible for the Audience Award cash prize. A special Staff Section of the screening will be set aside for any such entries and a special prize may be awarded.