Friday, August 28

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Facing the Pitcher / Leaves of the Tree (D3B1)

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Day 3, Block 1 (D3B1)

Presented by Massachusetts Independent Film Festival

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Facing the Pitcher • World Premiere
dir. Samuel Alfred
A young man struggles to find a job after he graduates from college.
Filmmaker will be in attendance

LEAVES OF THE TREELeaves of the Tree
dir. Ante Novakovic
Patrick Messina (a once powerful patent lawyer sidetracked by a life threatening disease) attempts to regain his professional identity and career after being pushed out of (Max Medica) a major Pharmaceutical Firm. At a meeting with his last client, Joe Buffa he unexpectedly comes across the case of a Doctor studying the possible medicinal value of leaves from a centuries old Olive tree. Patrick’s journey to identify ‘the tree’ in Sicily uncovers an ancient biblical myth or miracle of science? Past, present and future intersect through the ongoing struggle of doubt, belief and faith for all that come in contact with what may or may not be a living symbol of religious lore.

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