Tuesday, September 15

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Trash Night: Millenium

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Trash Night presents MILLENIUM


Hello! Friends! Happy September! This month we follow KRIS KRISTOFFERSON into a film that VISIBLY WISHED to be a brain-warping Spielbergian summer blockbuster, but which COULD NOT HELP ITSELF from being PLAIN OLD BUGF*CK INSANE.

MILLENNIUM, the film with which we herald the 2015 fall semester, STARTS OFF like a dry air traffic disaster procedural, all lingering shots on fuselage, but QUICKLY VEERS into the INCONCEIVABLE, both ON PURPOSE and, uh, NOT.

Without giving anything away — and you should see this without any spoilers — you NEED TO BE IN THIS THEATER for the second act.

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TRASH NIGHTWe’re excited to welcome TRASH NIGHT, one of Boston’s best underground comedy/film events, to the Brattle! Once a month TRASH NIGHT selects one F-grade, sub-cult cinematic wonder and unleashes it on an unsuspecting audience – with original video weirdness seeded throughout. This is one of the rare times at the Brattle when audience participation is not only encouraged, it’s required!

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  • MILLENIUM Tuesday 9/15 at 7:30 PM

Tickets $7 all seats. Brattle Passes not accepted for this event.

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