Welcome Students!

Welcome Students! (John Belushi in Animal House)The Brattle Theatre is Boston’s Unofficial Film School, with some of the weirdest, funnest, most interesting programming in the Boston area! One of the most common questions we get is, “Do you have to be a member?” Heck no! Everyone is welcome and students get 2 bucks off regular admission at our box office (excluding Special Events, unless indicated).

So check out highlights from our September-October schedule after the jump, or check out our online calendar and learn what makes us one of Boston’s most exciting places to watch movies! Want to know more? Skip to the bottom of the list for first-timer tips…

Welcome Students! (The Breakfast Club)More info for first-timers:

  • Student get $2 off regular price tickets with valid ID.
  • We’re different… We print a bimonthly schedule listing all of our films & events for a 2-month period (current schedule is for September & October). Pick one up at the box office and start marking your must-see premieres and old favorites!
  • We serve beer and wine, but you must be 21 and provide positive ID.
  • We show double, triple and sometimes quadruple features! What this means is you can see 2 (or more) films for just a couple bucks more, instead of paying full price.
  • The Brattle is a great place to bring a date because we’re right in Harvard Square and there are tons of places to get a coffee, a drink, or dinner before/after the show.
  • Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for daily schedule updates & breaking info, and also check out our Instagram for cool movie pics.
  • We have a balcony, which is especially cozy when the weather turns cold.
  • The Boston Yeti has come to see a movie here.
  • We’ve been showing movies since 1953, when the original owners of Janus Films (now part of the Criterion Collection) converted Brattle Hall from a live theater to a cinema.
  • The Brattle is proudly non-profit, operated by the Brattle Film Foundation since 2001. Learn about our membership program or make a donation!