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Addicted to Fresno

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Friday, October 2 – Sunday, October 4

Exclusive Area Premiere!

Director Jamie Babbit and Screenwriter Karey Dornetto in Person for Q+A on Saturday 10/3 at 7:30 & 9:30

(2015) dir Jamie Babbit w/Judy Greer, Natasha Lyonne, Aubrey Plaza, Malcolm Barrett, Ron Livingston, Allison Tolman, Fred Armisen [85 min; DCP]
This black comedy from director Jamie Babbit (But I’m A Cheerleader) features the great Judy Greer – finally in a starring role – as Shannon, a fresh-out-of-rehab sex addict, whose optimistic sister Martha (Lyonne) lands her a job as a maid at Fresno Suites, the local hotel. Overwhelmed with the boredom of her new job, Shannon has a relapse and, in the midst of an ill-advised romp, accidentally kills her partner. When Martha is faced with the prospect of losing her sister to prison, the two sisters go to hilarious and increasingly more extreme measures to cover up the crime.

Babbit depicts Fresno as a bland and colorless Island of Misfit Toys where everyone seems slightly damaged or disadvantaged and is just trying to get by. ADDICTED TO FRESNO includes a slew of characters who would be ruthlessly mocked in other comedies but here they are respected and (mostly) in on the joke. One of the most impressive things about this film is the way it manages to juggle its sometimes-contradictory tones. A sweet-natured but raunchy black comedy about two sisters who bond while illicitly trying to dispose of a corpse is a difficult thing to pull off, but Babbit and her excellent cast do so with aplomb.

Judy Greer Winner – Actress in a U.S. Dramatic Feature, Outfest 2015

“It’s a buddy comedy in which women get to behave as badly as men usually get to. That right there – that’s progress.” – Sherilyn Connelly, SF Weekly

“Consistently frickin’ hilarious. Perfect cast!” – Aaron Hillis, Village Voice

“Jamie Babbit’s ‘Fresno’ delivers on the funny.” – Daniela Costa, After Ellen

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