Monday, October 19

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The DocYard presents DREAMCATCHER

We invite audiences to join Brenda Myers-Powell from the Dreamcatcher Foundation and the film and producer Lisa Stevens for a post-screening Q&A and discussion with local advocacy leaders working to combat sex trafficking.

Details: 2015, UK, 98 min
Director: Kim Longinotto

Directing Award for World Cinema Documentary at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival

DREAMCATCHER is on tour this Fall with generous support from The Fledgling Fund in collaboration with Women Make Movies and The British Council.

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Synopsis: Dreamcatcher takes us into a hidden world through the eyes of one of its survivors; Brenda Myers-Powell. A former teenage prostitute who worked the streets of Chicago, Brenda defied the odds to become a powerful advocate for change in her community. With warmth and humour, Brenda gives hope to those who have none. Her story is their inspiration.

For twenty-five years Brenda Myers-Powell called herself ‘Breezy’ and she dominated her world, or that’s what she thought. It was a world that had turned her into a teenage, drug-addicted prostitute. After a violent encounter with a ‘john,’ Brenda woke up in the hospital and decided to change her life. Today she is a beacon of hope and a pillar of strength for hundreds of women and girls as young as fourteen who want to change their own lives. ‘Dreamcatcher’ explores the cycle of neglect, violence and exploitation which each year leaves thousands upon thousands of girls and women feeling that prostitution is their only option to survive. By following the very charming, charismatic and truly empathic Brenda, we enter the lives of young women and see in verite footage their realities from their points of view. While the world may overlook these women and men, thankfully Brenda has not, providing an unflinching expose which contrasts seeming hopelessness against the difference that one person can make in the lives of many.

DREAMCATCHER: Official Site | Facebook | Twitter

“Astonishing in its intimacy and wrenching in its emotional rawness” – Anthony Kaufman, Indiewire

Film courtesy of Women Make Movies. For more information visit

The DocYard presents THE REAGAN SHORTS

The Reagan Shorts

Prior to this feature screening, the DocYard will theatrically present a selection from THE REAGAN SHORTS, an ever-growing collection of short films about small but revealingly awkward moments from President Reagan’s years in office (ceremonies, presentations, and interviews that wander off-script).

Tonight’s featured short film is RONALD REAGAN LIGHTS THE LIGHTS (3 min, 2014).

Director – Pacho Velez
Producer – Sierra Pettengill
Editor – Daniel Garber

About The DocYard:

For decades, Boston has been a center for documentary filmmaking. It is a place where students come to learn and experiment, where some of documentary’s giants are teaching and creating new work, and where the craft is continuously nurtured and expanded. Today’s filmmakers are breaking new ground that has its foundation, more often than not, in Boston’s rich documentary legacy.

Celebrating what is innovative, interesting, and inspiring in documentary, The DocYard is a bi-weekly film and discussion series that takes place every other Monday. Their goal is to grow a vibrant, creative community for Boston’s filmmakers, film students and film lovers through each of these special events.

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  • Monday 10/19 at 7:00 PM

Tickets $11 General Public, $9 Members & Students; Brattle passes not accepted.