Sunday, October 25

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Where to Invade Next

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Special Premiere Screening!

Carl Deal, producer of WHERE TO INVADE NEXT and Fahrenheit 9/11 and co-director of Citizen Koch and Trouble The Water, will be joining us for a Q&A following the screening along with other special guests.

(2015) dir Michael Moore [110 min; DCP]
Michael Moore understands the art of provocation. From Roger & Me to Bowling for Columbine to Fahrenheit 9/​​11, he’s been ahead of the cultural curve with films that galvanized audiences and escalated box-office records. Now, six years since his last film and with another US election around the corner, he delivers a fresh surprise that feels current yet perfectly timeless. Filming abroad without drawing attention from American media, Moore brings us a funny and provocative work that’s guaranteed to stir up conversation.

The United States’ long history of invading countries and pushing agendas has produced results that are, to say the least, mixed. What if the US could do a better job at invading? What if, instead of taking money and resources, the US appropriated ideas and policies? That’s the premise for WHERE TO INVADE NEXT, which sends Moore on an epic journey.

Americans may be known as talkers, but Moore actually listens and he’s a magnet for memorable characters. Their dialogues are revelatory, poignant, and hilarious. The film builds momentum toward a culmination that resonates with hard-earned hope.
– Adapted from noted for the Toronto International Film Festival

“In Where to Invade Next, Moore has stopped being cynical. He’s sincere – a noble fool willing to ask questions we’ve abandoned.” – Amy Nicholson, L.A. Weekly

“The film builds to a powerful and convincing thesis about America’s fundamental disrespect for human dignity.” – Scott Tobias, GQ

“Moore has always been a guerrilla filmmaker, but in Where to Invade Next, his provocations dig deep below the surface of politics. He has made an act of guerrilla humanity.” – Owen Gleiberman,

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