Our New Winter Schedule Arrives Soon

Cover Image of the Brattle's Winter Schedule(Update 12/22) Tickets for January screenings will go on sale beginning December 29th… Stay tuned to Facebook & Twitter for announcements.

The Brattle’s winter film & event schedule will arrive at the box office early next week… Can’t wait to get your hands on a copy? Check out the online calendar or download a PDF. See highlights after the jump…

Tickets for select events will be on sale soon – stay tuned as we add more details to our online calendar during the next week, and please remember to share your favorites with friends!

Highlights include:

Tickets for these films and events are on sale now—see links above for details. Stay tuned for full details to be uploaded to our website! Members and donors will start receiving copies in the mail early next week, with regular pick up locations getting them by next weekend. Get it delivered: Become a Brattle member or make a donation—you’ll be added to our mailing list for the next 12 months!