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Friday, January 29 – Monday, February 1

(2015) dir William Monahan w/Garrett Hedlund, Oscar Isaac, Mark Wahlberg, Walton Goggins, Louise Bourgoin, Dania Ramirez [93 min; DCP]
An old-fashioned L.A. neo-noir in the tradition of many of the films offered in our “75 Years of Film Noir” series, MOJAVE is the newest film from Boston-bred writer/director William Monahan (The Departed). When self-centered celebrity director Thomas (Hedlund) takes an ill-advised, spur-of-the-moment trip to the Mojave, he finds himself matching wits (and fists) with Jack (Isaac), a creepy, intellectual drifter with a penchant for Shakespeare. After escaping Jack during a tense night in the desert, Thomas returns to L.A., his beautiful actress mistress (Bourgoin), his nice house, his wacky producer (Wahlberg), and his penthouse hideaway. Despite the security of being back on home turf, Thomas is still in danger as Jack finds his way to L.A. too and, slowly but surely, makes his way closer to a deadly showdown with Thomas.

Monahan sets his story against the backdrop of a heightened-reality Hollywood where almost everyone is an over-the-top caricature of a showbiz type – petulant stars, macho directors, coked-out producers, shady agents, sycophantic bellhops, tough-talking cops, etc – the same universe where The Player and Get Shorty take place. Hedlund is good as the not-undeserving victim of unwanted attention but Oscar Isaac completely dominates every scene that he appears in. His magnetic performance as Jack evokes just the right combination of charm and menace – making this a must see film for fans of scene-stealing characterizations.

★★★★ “Oscar Isaac, on a brilliant winning streak the last couple of years… delivers such masterful work that the minute this movie was over, I wanted to watch it again so I could soak in the greatness of the performance.” – Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times

“Mojave is a devilish tale that allows the audience to take a front seat to a madman’s intentions… Oscar Isaac is a scene-stealing unstable tornado of lunacy.” – Chris Sawin, Examiner

“Monahan has a knack for gritty, testosterone driven adventures.” – Hollywood Outbreak

“Prickly, suspenseful, even coolly humorous, ‘Mojave’ finds noirish fun in the existential woes of a successful artist and old-fashioned movie pleasure in the parry and thrust of sharp dialogue.” – Robert Abele, Los Angeles Times


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