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East Coast Premiere!

2016 | USA | 94 minutes
Director: Danny Perez
Screenwriter: Danny Perez
Cast: Natasha Lyonne, Chloë Sevigny, Matt Webber

In the frigid, gray confines of nowhere, Michigan, Lou spends her days getting wasted on any substance that crosses her path. A low-wage gig cleaning motel rooms pays for countless inebriated nights in her rent-free double-wide, a bequest from her deceased Vietnam-vet dad. The last thing Lou needs is an unplanned pregnancy. Despite her plucky knack for blacking out, she’s pretty certain she hasn’t been laid in ages. Lou’s best pal Sadie is useless in confirming or denying the events of one particularly wild and hazy night, but can always be relied upon to provide whatever her drug-dealing, ex-Marine boyfriend is peddling. And donuts, of course.

Maybe Lou really is knocked up. Or maybe she’s been inseminated with something more sinister, something manufactured by the kind of shady government spooks Fox Mulder has always been sounding off about. Whatever it is, it’s growing rapidly. Lorna, a conspiracy theorist and fellow vet, shows up offering information about a secret military experiment that may hold the key to Lou’s predicament.

Antibirth’s greatest asset lies with its star. No one could play the surly-yet-loveable good time girl quite like Lyonne, who shines as spunky anti-heroine Lou and finds purpose in not having one. She may be a trainwreck, but she’s an unapologetic, self-aware trainwreck, and you’ll never stop rooting for her as she unravels the increasingly convoluted circumstances surrounding her gestating gatecrasher.

Acclaimed experimental video artist Danny Perez (Animal Collective’s legendary 2010 visual album ODDSAC) elevates genre-typical proceedings with moments of deliciously deranged hallucinations and batshit television programming in this phantasmagoric, paranoid fever dream.

– Melinda Green

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