Sunday, March 27

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End of the Line

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Animated Shorts Program

Animation allows the filmmaker to expand past reality. Not content to photograph the world as it exists, these films explore the thoughts and shadows that haunt us. Memories? Dreams? Unnamed anxieties? All are equally real. A variety of styles are presented here; from the tender family portraits of “Standard Life”, to the impressionist abstraction of “Mer Depré”, to the harsh scrawl of “The Lingerie Show”, the medium and message intertwine to form a whole.

Please join us in this journey through the dark, grown-up world of animated short films. You might leave with some haunted dreams of your own.

– Rebekah Murphy & Josef Kluczkiewicz

All Gardens are Haunted
Kaitlin Martin
United States
4 minutes

Don’t Be Afraid of Bears
Jill Johnston
United States
3 minutes

Truthful Innards
Margaret Polizine
United States
4 minutes

Standard Life
Elena LaCourt
United States
4 minutes

Bendito Machine V – Pull the Trigger
Jossie Malis
12 minutes

Stella Nova
Ted Wiggin
United States
4 minutes

Eric Ko
United States
4 minutes

Mer Depré
Margaret Orr
United States
6 minutes

The Lingerie Show
Laura Harrison
United States
8 minutes

All Your Favorite Shows!
danny madden
United States
5 minutes

After the End
Sam Southward
United Kingdom
11 minutes